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CNX Retail is a business management system for small and medium scale businesses. It helps SMEs manage their systems, structures and processes with ease.

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Before CNX Retail

Demola has new stocks but she can’t find all her clients on the phone. She can’t easily contact all her clients at once. She is frustrated because she is missing out on a lot of sales she could have made and she is leaving money on the table because she is unable to constantly keep in touch with her clients.

After CNX Retail

Now Demola has all her client details stored in one place, she can send them birthday wishes, email, or send bulk SMS to notify her clients of her new stock. She can send them receipts and invoices and they can pay online directly to Demola’s bank account.
Now Demola can see how profitable her business is because she can see her income and expenses on the dashboard. Demola can also bankroll her suppliers as well and can watch her client base grow even bigger.

Some common SME headaches



Managing cashflows, delayed receivables & payables, and tracking expenses can become more tasking as businesses grow.


Customer Retention

Improving customer service, customer appreciation, and response to complaints is essential to gaining loyal customers.


Client Communication

Remaining in regular contact with clients is important for the reputation and brand as it fosters pro-activity that boosts client-base.

A better experience for you and your customers & clients

Maintain records and generate comprehensive reports of financial transactions centrally including outstanding revenue & expense, petty cash flow, and invoices & receipts.

Manage information on potential clients as they progress from contacts into solid deals. This adds a personal touch to each of the unique relationships you have with your clients.

Automate external communication with your clients through mass emails and SMS to raise awareness on new company developments and respond to issues pro-actively.

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CNX Retail offers you a unified experience during the lifecycle of your various customers by also providing you the following


Create and manage quotations for the products/services you offer.

CNX Drive

Centralized & secure cloud storage for managing documents with your team.


Receive notifications to remind you of upcoming events or tasks you have to perform.

Admin Tools

Maintain least-privileged access to actions and view a log of user activities.

CNX Retail mobile version

Carry your business tools everywhere you go.

CNX Retail free mobile app comes as an integral part of the CNX Retail system. It is essential when you’re on the go or working remotely.

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